Tuesday, April 24

What is going on?

I am not sure why, but I had a post ready to publish and it did not. Weird.

So, since my last post, The Hubby got his Associate's degree from MCC, and he is headed to ASU in the fall. This school year he took classes to get ahead at ASU. It looks like he will get all A's except for one class since we got married. I am good for him... Hehe. He is still working at the call center, where he is now one of the most experienced callers in the company! My man is amazing!

I am doing very well at both of my jobs, doing accounting things and crafty things. I am missed when I'm not there, and I really enjoy doing what I do!

Lily the cat is still doing well. She is now 2 years old, and as mischievous as ever. Mostly she does stuff when she thinks we aren't coming back soon. She is too smart for her own good. We have learned that she does not like small children, which will have to change if she is staying in our home! No, we are not expecting a baby soon, but we will be eventually. I'm pretty sure that if you are reading this, you will get a phone call ASAP if we do get pregnant. Just FYI.

We were released from the ward mission about a month ago, and we have not had any other callings so far, but our bishop wants to meet with me this coming Sunday, so we will see what happens. Oh, and we are NOT loving our Sunday meetings that start at 2pm... I am pretty sure that is the worst time for church. Only two thirds of the year left! Haha.

We will be having The Hubby's mom and two youngest sisters moving in with us in June, so we have been doing some preparing lately. She is having the whole condo painted, new carpet, and black-out screens put in every window. It will be fun to have them. Hopefully we can all have enough space. It will save us all some moolah and help his mom figure out what she needs to do for herself and for her children still at home.

Saturday, May 21

Really trying.

Here I am, twice in the same week! It's a record! I just wanted to get on here and update. Maybe I can make a new habit. Maybe.

I have had the most amazing weekend. Well, maybe not THE most, but pretty awesome. A few weeks ago, the most awesome roommate I've ever had texted me and told me she was coming back to AZ for a week, and wanted to do something with me. I've been super stoked about it, and now it's half over. BUT we went to dinner with some of our other friends, college and otherwise, and today we hung out and went to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie. Great flick, even better music. I'm definitely going to buy the soundtrack, possibly the movie. SUCH a great weekend so far!

And I didn't take any pictures, because, well, I don't think about pictures until after the fact. Such is life.

But that's it for now. Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 16

okay, okay

So Levi has been on my case to update our blog, for like, four months. I guess I can do it. I just don't have any pictures, which is why I don't like updating. But, here's an update.

Since my last post in January, I found a new job! Actually it found me. I had posted something about job hunting in my status on facebook, and lo and behold, someone (actually the RS president in my ward) asked what kind of work I was looking for. I said, basically anything entry level and close to home, and something about my experience cashiering. She then called me and told me she needed help in her office, and with my experience, I was qualified. So, I gave my two weeks notice to my nanny job, and started working in the office in the mornings. Working 8-6 is not fun, don't do it! Haha.

However, one week after I told my nanny boss I was quitting, on Monday, my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. So, I left work early that Monday, and we headed up to Taylor to be with our family. We stayed there for the week, we helped make the arrangements, and left after the funeral a week later. We buried him here in Mesa on Tueday, since that's "home" for him, and went back to work on Wednesday. It was a lot easier to just try and get back into some type of a normal routine. It's been pretty rough, but we're doing okay.

Oh, and my new job is in the office of an auto paint store, which doubles as the office for a printing company, too. The print company has just started making signs along with printing stuff. They found out I have experience sanding auto paint from working with my dad, so they asked if I could work in the sign shop, too! So, with both jobs, I get 40 hours a week. That's been a huge blessing.

Levi earned straight A's in the last two semesters, and is on the president's list. He also will graduate from MCC at the end of summer with a 3.8 GPA! I'm so proud of him. He's done an amazing job at juggling a part time job and school, and still being an awesome husband. I don't know how I got such an awesome husband.

That leads me to a little more news. Our 1st anniversary is in two weeks! We've been married for almost an entire year, and we're still alive! It's been a pretty fabulous year, if you ask me. I love him so much, and it grows exponentially every day. I'm so in love!

Oh, and an update on the cat: She's now technically an adult cat, but she still thinks she's either a kitten or a dog. Either way, she does drive us a little nuts still. She now enjoys getting on top of the counters, the fridge, the cabinets. She also likes to get on top of our entertainment center, which would be fine and good except she has to climb up our tv stand, and we worry she might knock the tv over. She also enjoys bringing us her favorite toy and crying until we play with her. She's kinda needy. She also thinks we need to get up with the sun. Grrr.... BUT I love her, and am really glad we adopted her. She continues to be fun and, well, a handful. A handful is better than a lump of fur, any day of the week. Lily is lots of fun. Levi doesn't like her. Haha.

I think that is all for now... see y'all in a few months! (Or the next time I post... yeah. Hopefully sooner than a few months.)

Sunday, January 30


Or rather, catch up. I haven't blogged in over two months, but I don't think anyone really reads it anyway, so... I'll just update my blog page on what's gone down since November 21st. :)

We went to Taylor for Thanksgiving with our Knight family. We had planned on heading up to Eagar the Friday after, but everyone was sick in Eagar, so we stayed in Taylor all weekend! We had so much fun! We really enjoy being close to family, and seeing everyone! Dinner was VERY yummy. My favorite was the oyster stuffing. MMmmMMMmmmm....

After that trip, our dear old car started giving us a lot of problems. We got the breaks fixed while we were in Taylor, and then a couple weeks later we noticed a rattling noise coming from what we thought was the engine. We had a guy look at it here in Mesa, he said it was a little $200, 1.5 hour fix. So, my FIL (father-in-law) came down with his tools to fix it and save money. He brought my MIL and two youngest SILs with them to see our brand new little cousin! After working all day on our car, my FIL realized he needed more tools that were only in his shop in Show Low. Great. So he and Levi drove all the way to Taylor that same night to get a truck to tow our car, and Levi brought their car back up! He got home around 12:30am. Well, long story short, they towed our car up to Show Low only to find out it had more problems than just tiny one. We borrowed their car until Christmas, when my FIL signed a loan for us to have a brand new car! It's a dark grey, base model, 2011 Ford Fiesta, and only had 10 miles on it when we took it from the dealership. We'll be paying for it, but it's in my FIL's name for now. WE LOVE OUR LITTLE CAR!!! (Pictures to come... after I take them... :) hehe) I've enjoyed driving a stick-shift again!

For Christmas, we spent Thursday and Friday morning in Taylor, and then we went to Eagar to spend the rest of the weekend with my family. Only two of my brothers came up, but we had a blast! It was fun seeing little Cashen, and I enjoyed watching Levi play basketball with my brothers. :)

New Year's was spent at Levi's uncle's house, where we just spent time with friends and family. Since then, Levi started school again, and is enjoying his light course load. He's just got two lab science classes. :) We also got called as our Ward Mission Leader and Secretary, which we are still trying to figure out what all the entails. It seems to be quite a large job!
We're both still working, no changes there. I'm still looking for a different job, but I haven't had any luck with anything new-job related. We're hoping I can find a full-time job with benefits so we can have insurance!

Lily (our cat) is getting bigger all the time, and is quite fat at this point. We've started her on a lower calorie diet, just so she can be healthy. She is still very much a kitten in that she plays all the time. She has gotten a lot better about letting us sleep past 5am, also! These are all very good things. :)

I'm hoping to have pictures the next time I get on here, but until then, Have fun!

Sunday, November 21

I feel like...

Every post is titled something like "catching up." It's hard to want to blog for me, because my computer hates uploading pictures, and I want to show everyone any pictures we take (there aren't a lot, so any we actually take are special haha). So here's to catching up to November, almost December.
Since my last post, we have been kinda busy. I am also working as a nanny almost full time, and I still love my job. He is learning so much every day, and becoming a little boy. He seems less a baby every time I see him! I just wish his parents would be more a part of his life. I feel like they spend the least possible amount of time with him as they can. This week is Thanksgiving, and they are having the dad's brother and his family over for the weekend. They have a little girl just a little older than the kid, so maybe he'll have a blast! It will be fun to see how it affects him when I get back after Thanksgiving. I may even meet the little girl! :)
Speaking of being out of town the week, we may end up bringing our cat along with us if we can't find someone to come over and play with her once in a while. She is WAY too social to be left alone for 4 days. If we did that, we wouldn't sleep the night we get back because she would want to play! We're hoping to find someone haha.
We have been teaching the new-member lessons to a sister in our ward on Monday nights for FHE, and she had the opportunity to go through the temple in October (she was baptized in April last year). It's been really fun to have her over, and it's becoming my favorite part of my week. She's just recently started bringing her friend over with her, too! I love having them over and talking about the AMAZING gospel and hearing testimonies. It's so awesome to me how everyone's testimony is so unique. It just shows me again and again that our Heavenly Father knows and loves each of us on a very personal level. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and better than we know each other. It's just amazing to me, and I am so grateful that I have the Gospel in my life. I am so blessed!

Saturday, October 9


It has been WAY too long since my last post. My life has been a little hectic and a lot stressful.
Since the last update, Levi has lost/quit his job, found a different job, and almost completed the training for said new job. It's been kind of crazy!

I am still looking for a better paying job here in Mesa, since my nanny family is moving pretty soon, and it will just be too far for me to go on the paycheck I'm getting. So if anyone knows of anything, please let me know!!

I feel very blessed that Levi found a new job so soon. He wasn't even 24 hours without a job! I know it is because our Heavenly Father is mindful of us, and our needs. We were able to go to the temple twice this past month, which also helped with the stress levels. It is such a testimony builder to see these things happen and know that there is no coincidence here. Heavenly Father is aware of everything going on, and blesses us.

We have also had the opportunity to have a sister in our ward over for dinner and FHE every Monday for the past 4 weeks. She was baptized in April last year and had never had the new-member lessons. We are ward missionaries, so we have been teaching her. It's been really fun! (It's also been a great motivator for me to keep the condo at least semi-tidy.)

Well, hopefully I'll be better at doing this in the near future.

Wednesday, September 1


So today I decided I wasn't going to get on facebook at all. None. Zilch. This gave me time to mess with the blogger, and to figure a few things out. I learned how to make a cute background, and add a blog list, and upload pictures. Now let's see if I can get them all up!

This is our adorable kitty, Lily. You can see her hot-pink "soft paws" that help her not to ruin anything from scratching. She doesn't love them, but she leaves them on for the most part. 

Here is one of my AMAZING husband, I think he's doing homework.

So, this didn't work completely, but I'm still learning. :o) More next time! I have chores to do!